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Romantic and poetic route

The circuit takes into the Alpilles, the mountain range that rises in the heart of Provence. It is a remarkable site, presenting an astonishing landscape of white and limestone cliffs.


Colourful and aromatic route

In the North of Provence, this route will take us to many colourful places. The Luberon massif welcomes us generously through its expressive landscapes: intense blue lavander, green variegated forests of cypresses and pines.

MAGIC PROVENCE Route Van Gogh.jpeg

Van Gogh route

Provence, land par excellence of light and sun,

attracted many painters and artists.

Even today, visual artists, photographers and creators

continue to be inspired by the brilliance of Provence.


Secret and wild road

This circuit leads us into a world where the fierce and the mysterious mix. A natural paradise, the Camargue is located below the sea level, in the heart of the

Rhone delta.

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